Provision of gap-analysis survey solution




Gap-analysis type feedback from employees for board presentation


AgLink is a member organisation for a group of 17 independent Rural Merchandise Shareholders. Its members operate Australia-wide in agricultural sectors including agricultural chemicals, fertilizer and horticulture. AgLink provides its members with a wide variety of services including facilitation of commercial arrangements between members and suppliers, collective negotiation and procurement of select agricultural chemicals, products and merchandise, skills academy facilitation and networking opportunities.

AgLink wanted to understand how its shareholders and members saw its value, what they believed AgLink should prioritise and whether there were any issues that needed to be addressed. The aim of the survey was to obtain gap-analysis type feedback from employees with different roles within each organisation. The survey sought feedback on the gap between ‘importance’ and ‘performance’.


WebSurvey undertook the development, testing, implementation and hosting of the survey, as well as providing consultation regarding the wording and set-up of the survey.

The data collected from the survey was analysed in preparation for presentation to the AgLink board. WebSurvey prepared an SPSS (statistic package) file with appropriate labelling for each file and response category ready for analysis. We provided comparative frequencies for 3 or 4 demographics of difference scores (importance minus performance) for all items. Results were presented as scatterplots, and measures of association were calculated. We provided a chart showing the absolute mean values for ‘importance’ and ‘performance’, sorted from largest to smallest differences. A Senior Consultant went through the results with the client to explain the analyses and identify findings of interest.


The survey has been run successfully since 2014 with a survey targeting suppliers introduced in 2016. The client has been able to use the data to present areas of success & concern to the AgLink board.