WebSurvey Services

Help Desk

Help desk support for your respondents

We provide you with a Support service throughout the survey period. In addition, we can also establish a helpdesk service for your respondents with a dedicated telephone support number and email address. This helpdesk can assist respondents with lost passwords, browser, network or other issues as required.


Respondent profiles and email invitations

WebSurvey allows you to create individual respondent credentials with usernames and passwords, allowing users to 'login' to complete your survey.

Invitations introducing your survey to respondents can be sent via email, as can completion reminders following up those who haven't responded before your survey's close.

After your survey is complete, you can run it again in the future and compare your results.


Results, analysis and bulk survey reporting

The results of your survey can be delivered in an agreed format. Typically, WebSurvey users receive results in Excel, CSV, HTML or SPSS.

If required, WebSurvey's data experts can also analyse your survey's results.

For large online surveys, bulk reports can automatically be prepared in Microsoft Office friendly formats. Bulk reports are usually one per individual respondent, but can also be aggregated across demographic groups as required. Additional charges may apply.