Getting Started

How does WebSurvey work?

WebSurvey follows a three step process:

  1. Set up: You provide your questions and the email addresses of your respondents. We create your survey and place it online. For complex surveys will we work with you to ensure you get the data you need.
  2. Execution: Your respondents are invited to your online survey via email and/or sms. While your survey is ‘live’ you can monitor its progress. Before your survey closes, we can email and/or sms a reminder to respondents who haven’t completed it.
  3. Results: When your survey ends, we report your results in an agreed format. If required, WebSurvey’s data experts can also analyse your survey results.

How much does WebSurvey cost?

WebSurvey is priced using a per-use model. Online survey set up costs begin at $2200 +GST and a usage fee of $1.50 +GST applies per respondent. For an accurate quote, please contact us to discuss your needs.

What do I need to do to create an online survey?

WebSurvey requires no technical knowledge. Simply create your questions and we do the rest. While your online survey is live, however, we recommend that you or someone from your organisation be available as a contact point for respondent enquiries.

How long does creating an online survey take?

While WebSurvey can create and launch your survey within five working days, we usually recommend a period of ten working days to comfortably design, establish, review and launch your survey.

More complex data collections may require a longer set-up period.

Can I use my organisation's logo?

Yes. Your branding can be integrated into the design of your online survey. You’ll also have complete control over the text of your survey introduction and emails.

Can I write the invitation and reminder emails?

Yes. Using WebSurvey, you have complete control over all survey content – from invitation and reminder emails, to your survey’s introductory text.

How do I get my online survey results?

Results are available instantly upon completion of your survey. The results of your survey can be delivered in an agreed format. Typically WebSurvey users receive results in Excel, CSV, HTML or SPSS.

Can I have a paper survey as well?

Yes. Using WebSurvey, you can mail paper copies to respondents or make your survey available for download via PDF.

Can you analyse my results?

Yes. If required, we can perform basic results analysis to help you put the information you’ve gathered to work.